Fide sed cui vide

Fide sed cui vide

Election Fever begins

Only 3 months til we get the chance to choose a new county councillor... no-one has pinned their names on the mast yet but you can guess a few runners already...

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Something's rotten in the state of Denmark...

What's going on (said Marvin)Posted by Paul G Hayward Fri, March 08, 2013 09:05:09

You know when you get a nagging doubt in your mind and it just won't go away, well that's how I feel this morning... when you are walking around delivering campaign leaflets, you get a lot of quiet time to ruminate on what has been, what may be and where you fit into the equation..

The catastrophe that is the demise of carpets has brought to light certain issues and concerns that perhaps, just maybe, the timing of all of this is not quite as it seems.

We now know that the land at Cloakham has been sold off, I presume to a property delevelopment company / housebuilder... the sums are too large for small fry to be involved... however, there was the stumbling block of the SAVE OUR PARKLAND judicial review appeal to overcome... this was dropped in light of carpet's woes... you then have the issues of water and flooding if development progressed... a recent report said that these concerns were unfounded....we then move to traffic, and one might speculate that a previously declined traffic survey may well now be announced to assess the traffic needs of our town....that just leaves economnic need and vital infrastructure.... well, the proposed CIL ( community infrastructure levy ) which will replace Section 106 makes it very appealing to EDDC to progress with this development... after all, at £6800 per house ( the £8000 levy minus Axminsters 15% piece of the pie ) x 400 houses = £2.7m, none of which has to spent in the town as CIL is designed to fund DISTRICT WIDE projects.... What? Like Cranbrook ? Ahhhh, now it all becomes clear....

I would hate to think that our MP, the DCC, the EDDC and our elected representatives have colluded in a way that does not support the town 100%... I am positive they haven't but something is not quite right here folks, and I will get to the bottom of it...

Off to Musbury to leaflet.... byseee.


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