Fide sed cui vide

Fide sed cui vide

Election Fever begins

Only 3 months til we get the chance to choose a new county councillor... no-one has pinned their names on the mast yet but you can guess a few runners already...

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You copied EVERYONE? Arrrgggggghhh!!!

What's going on (said Marvin)Posted by Paul G Hayward Wed, February 13, 2013 21:06:45

Great story from oop north ( devon, that is )

So rather than fight for Devon, Cllr Hart wants to stitch up the opposition regardless of whether their ideas are good for devon, their districts, their communities?

So, good to hear about it before the election starts from Cllr Hughes and a hat-tip to Alan Hughes for spreading the lurve around....

This is why the voting population roll their eyes and raise their eyebrows when professional local politicians open their mouths and make promises... vote for me and I'll...... yeah, whatever mate!

Roll on May 2nd boys, just smile and wave, JUST SMILE AND WAVE...!


Hat-tip to SIN for bringing this faux-pas to my attention. Thank you Sir

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