Fide sed cui vide

Fide sed cui vide

Election Fever begins

Only 3 months til we get the chance to choose a new county councillor... no-one has pinned their names on the mast yet but you can guess a few runners already...

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An Apple a day keeps the taxman at bay

What's going on (said Marvin)Posted by Paul G Hayward Wed, January 30, 2013 08:48:03

After all the recent press slating of Amazon and Starbucks regarding tax evasi... er... avoidance practices, it was interesting to note that Apple, that beloved God of Technology, whose altar the luvvies worship at ( SHINY METAL THING MAKE IT ALL BETTER ) ha, in the last 3 months ALONE, swept $11bn into offshore tax havens as it did it's best to avoid giving more than a pittance to the US tax authorities.

Last year, according to financial sources, Apple paid 2% tax on it's overseas profits by salting away cash in such lovely places as the British Virgin Islands; it is believed to have stashed away some $94bn from the FEDS.

Is it just me or does tax just relate to the little person in today's world. Day after day, you read of this scheme, or that scheme, or celebrities having a K2 tax shelter, or civil servants being paid via PSC's and you ask yourself.... WTF!!!!!

Perhaps there is a simple answer - everyone pays a flat rate, and if you wriggle out of that, you are taxed another way, through VAT, or CGT, or however, until you pay the due amount. I'm sure that prohibiting sales throughout the UK, EU, USA might be against a zillion laws and regs. but wouldn't it focus the mind of these companies to pay their fair share and thus make the world a happier, less fraught place...

Oh, by the way, Day 45 of Rainwatch continues... Today's result is: RAIN.

Have a good one...

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