Fide sed cui vide

Fide sed cui vide

Election Fever begins

Only 3 months til we get the chance to choose a new county councillor... no-one has pinned their names on the mast yet but you can guess a few runners already...

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Men with Moustaches

What's going on (said Marvin)Posted by Paul G Hayward Mon, January 28, 2013 08:05:09

Ahhhhh... those heady, halcyon days when, if you needed a telephone number, you called a freephone number and a charming person - usually female - helped you out, even though they were plagued with prank calls for Mr C Lion and Monsieur Hugh Janus ( sorry ! ) all the while keeping a jolly, happy tone to their voices...

Fast forward to 2013, and having just undertaken some telephpony analysis for one of my clients, I have seen the following on their bills;

5 minute call to 118118 £12.71

2 minute call to 118500 £6.85

2 minute call to 118500 £5.93

Jebus!!! Nearly £13 for a bereaved widow to get the numbers for a few local and national organisations to help her out.... Something needs to be done.

If you know someone who does not have access to the internet, or a friend with a WAP / 3G phone with internet access, then tell them this VERY QUICKLY... CALL ME, you'll say, CALL ME and I will get you the number for nothing. tell them to stop calling you from their landlines to your mobile...just ring, and you can call them back; after all, you'll have a bundle of minutes that you never use up so spread the love, and let's keep those phone bills loooooooooooow...

P.S. I can remember when Busby had an 'ology; or am I mixing my metaphors?


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